Cincinnati Duplex For Sale

Are you in search of a lucrative real estate investment opportunity in Cincinnati? Look no further than this incredible triplex that has just hit the market. With a monthly income of $4,000 and tenants responsible for paying their own utilities, this property offers an excellent chance to grow your wealth and secure a steady cash flow.

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One of the standout features of this Cincinnati duplex is its potential for generating substantial rental income. With three separate units, each offering comfortable living spaces, you have the opportunity to attract a diverse pool of tenants. The current rental income of $4,000 per month is a testament to the property’s desirability and the demand for affordable housing in the area.

Cincinnati Duplex For Sale

Another attractive aspect of this investment is the fact that tenants are responsible for paying their own utilities. This significantly reduces your ongoing expenses and ensures that the monthly income you receive remains relatively consistent. By shifting the utilities’ burden to the tenants, you can enjoy a more passive investment experience and maximize your profits.

Location is always a crucial factor in real estate, and this triplex does not disappoint. Situated in a highly sought-after neighborhood in Cincinnati, the property is conveniently located near various amenities, including schools, parks, shopping centers, and public transportation options. Its prime location ensures a steady stream of potential tenants, making it an even more attractive investment opportunity.

Additionally, this triplex is a well-maintained property, eliminating the need for immediate repairs or renovations. This allows you to start generating income right away without having to invest additional time and money into the property. With a turnkey investment like this, you can focus on reaping the financial benefits from day one.

Investing in real estate is often regarded as one of the most reliable ways to build wealth, and this Cincinnati triplex provides an incredible opportunity to do just that. With a monthly income of $4,000 and tenants responsible for their own utilities, this property offers a high potential for significant returns on your investment.

However, it’s important to act fast as opportunities like this do not last long. The Cincinnati real estate market is experiencing high demand, and properties with such favorable rental income and tenant arrangements are quickly snatched up by savvy investors.

If you’re ready to take advantage of this great investment opportunity, don’t hesitate. Contact your real estate agent today to schedule a viewing of this Cincinnati triplex. Secure your financial future and start enjoying the benefits of passive income and capital appreciation that real estate investing has to offer.

1732 Kinney Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45207

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