Ohio Fixed-Upper Homes For Sale 

Are you in the market for a new home? Look no further! We have an exciting opportunity for you. Introducing a charming cap code property in Ohio, with great potential just waiting to be discovered. This home boasts 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, making it ideal for small families or individuals seeking a comfortable living space. Although it requires some tender loving care (TLC), this property presents an excellent opportunity for those looking to customize and renovate according to their taste.

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Currently rented at a significantly discounted rate below the market value, this property offers a fantastic investment prospect. Imagine the possibilities of transforming this fixer-upper into a dream home or a lucrative rental property. With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can turn this diamond in the rough into a shining gem.

Ohio Fixed-Upper Homes For Sale 

Located in a desirable neighborhood, this cap code property is surrounded by other well-kept homes, making it an attractive option for homeowners and investors alike. The potential for a high return on investment is evident, as the rental market in Ohio is thriving. By investing in this property, you not only have the chance to create your dream space but also to secure a profitable venture.

The current tenants are aware of the property’s potential and are more than happy to accommodate showings. However, please note that a 24-hour notice is required before scheduling a viewing. This is to ensure that the tenants have ample time to prepare the property for potential buyers.

Imagine walking into a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into your ideal living space. From choosing the color palette to deciding on the flooring and fixtures, every aspect of this property can be tailored to your liking. With a little bit of vision and a touch of creativity, you can create a home that reflects your personality and style.

Furthermore, purchasing this fixer-upper allows you to avoid the skyrocketing prices of move-in ready homes. Rather than paying a premium for someone else’s taste and design choices, you have the opportunity to build a home that is uniquely yours. You can invest your time and effort into creating a space that suits your needs and preferences perfectly.

Whether you are an experienced investor seeking a profitable venture or a homeowner willing to put in some sweat equity, this property offers endless possibilities. The potential for transforming this cap code property into a beautiful, comfortable, and personalized living space is only limited by your imagination.

So, don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock the hidden potential of this Ohio fixer-upper. Take the first step towards creating your dream home or securing a lucrative investment by scheduling a showing today. Remember, great opportunities like this don’t come around often, so act quickly before someone else seizes this chance to make their dreams a reality.

536 N 15th Street, Coshocton, OH 43812

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